Why Fox Lake Racing Is The Racers Choice

Fox Lake Power Products takes pride in what we do. We do every set of cylinder heads, and every engine one at a time. We are not, and do not ever want to be an engine mass-producer like some companies out there. We give each and every customer one-on-one attention and customer service before, during, and after the sale. All of our engines are custom built to our customers needs, we do not offer you a menu to order your engine because it is just not as simple as checking off items on a checklist. Each customer gets to discuss their needs and intended use with us so that we may help them to get exactly what they need, and not what we have on the shelf. For this reason, our custom built engines usually take 3-4 weeks to build. We have found that doing things one at a time instead of selling a “generic” engine to be very beneficial to our valued customers.


If you have been into the Mustang world for any amount of time, we are confident that you have seen the Fox Lake name over and over again in many National publications. Fox Lake is constantly in major magazines with our research and development, testing, and customers cars.

Again, we have no desire to be the cheapest, or quickest machine shop out there. We concentrate on being among the very best at what we do, and as with anything, the best is not the always the cheapest.

Remember: A deal is only a deal when you get what you expect!