Customer’s Rides

We are always building this database. If you have a picture of your car and have used Fox Lake products on your car please e-mail us a picture and a brief story, and we’ll get it added!

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Brian Blake – First night out, Brian drove the car to the track, ran 7’s on 17lbs of boost with a 351W stroker and twin turbos utilizing our Fox Lake CNC ported Victor heads and Super Victor, then he drove it back home. That’s a 7 second street car!

This is Bob Meisch beautiful 2002 Mustang GT. it is his weekend cruiser that well north of 600 rwhp. It features a Fox Lake all forged short block, Fox Lake cnc ported PI heads, comp cams cams, topped off with the world famous P-51 intake manifold. It sports a procharger D-1 blower set up for 13 lbs, installed and tuned by JPC racing. Bob says it drives like a dream and howls like a wildcat as it passes 6500 rpm. Look for this mild mannered beast to run in the low 10 second range and get 20 mpg in overdrive. Are you ready to order yours today?

This yellow ’99 Mustang GT, nicknamed “BrightMare”, was the car that started it all for the 7000 member Yellow Mustang Registry

Hello Ron,
Nice talking with you today. have attached a few recent pictures of the car. we run ORSCA “modified street” class. stock suspension, 28X10.5 tire, no wheelie bar, 3200lbs, 438 inch sbf, applied nitrous technology plate system. the driver is my 17 year old son, Dairl (DJ) Broaddus, he is the youngest driver in ORSCA. he does have his NHRA competition license. his best pass to date is 5.35@132mph. we placed 9th in points last year. we have only made one of the two scheduled races this year, qualified 6th of 21 cars, got down to 8 cars before losing. we are running a tenth faster now so maybe can do better.

10 seconds N/A with a factory original 5.0 shortblock!

“This naturally aspirated combination resides in a 1993 GT that weighs 2,875 with driver. The shortblock is circa 1993 and has never been gone through, i.e., original bearing/rings. The pistons are NON-FLYCUT as well. This placed a MAJOR restriction on cam selection and necessitated a mild OFF THE SHELF hydraulic roller courtesy of Comp Cams. The cylinder head choice was none other than the Stage 1 by Fox Lake Racing. These 62 cc combustion chamber cylinder heads produce excelllent power production throughout the useable rpm band on this 302 with 9.0:1 compression. The EFI intake chosen for this combo comes from Holley. The Systemax is in out of the box form with NO port matching. A 75mm throttle body and 73mm M.A.F. round out the induction on this combo. Long tube headers and an X-pipe handle the exhaust chores. The suspension on this Fox body received the usual assortment of QA1 components and Baseline Suspension upper/lower control arms. All the power generated by this stout N/A 302 is transmitted via a Tremec TKO 5-speed trans. This TKO is pro-shifted. 28x9x15 M/T ET Drag slicks and a 4.56:1 cogs round out the driveline mods. The best e.t. and mph to date was achieved in Nov. of 2006.

The 5-Liter was able to reach the 1/8 mile in 6.83@99.80 mph and went through the 1/4 in 10.76@123.63. Shift point for this combo checks in @ 6,300. In conclusion, Fox Lake has provided me with a product that performed way beyond my expectations. There knowledgeable staff has provided detailed answers to the questions I posed to them during the buildup of this combo. Plain and simple, Fox Lake products make POWER.”

Hello Tim,
I figured I’d send you some info and pics of my 99′ Ford Lightning. The truck makes 423rwhp @14lbs of boost while using the stock block and the stock supercharger. The truck uses Fox Lake Heads, Comp Cams, 4lb Metco lower crank pulley, SCT big air MAF, SCT software, AEM Intake, Level 10 tranny valvebody, Denso Iridium Plugs, and several other horsepower upgrades. The truck was built and dyno tuned by DEZ Racing in Seekonk, MA. The truck also features VDC Lambo Doors and Chip Foose 22″ Lusso Wheels. Thanks for taking a look at my truck, I hope to see it on your customer rides page. And thanks for producing great high quality products.
Thanks, Shawn D. Bell

Dan Schoneck’s 7 second FFW Renegade

Dan chose Fox Lake Pwer Products Edelbrock Victor cylinder heads to reset the class record twice! So far, a 7.77 at 185 mph has paced the field. This combo uses a 360” motor with a Procharger F2 supercharger producing 30lbs of boost. Transmission is a Performance Automatic w/ TCI converter.

Paul Baileys 1993 Mustang GT Street Car

Paul uses Fox Lake ported Edelbrock Performer heads on his T-64 turbocharged Fox Lake built 306 shortblock to run easy 10.80’s. This car has a street friendly 5 speed and 3.27 gears.

Tim Wernickes Pro Street 1967 Mustang

Tims ’67 Mustang is powered by a 351 Windsor stroked to 393 cubic inches, and uses Fox Lake prepared Trick Flow Track Heat heads and custom cam to run low 11’s. Old School is still cool!

Tim Stockwell’s 1990 Mustang LX

Tim Stockwell has been involved in the high performance/ racing industry for over 18 years. Tim has been an NMRA/NMCA tech official, a freelance writer for Race Pages and Fastest Street Car magazines, as well as many other industry related ventures. Tim has been a racer for over 20 years racing everything from Turbo Buicks to Mustangs. Tim has built numerous cars that have been featured in major magazines, and still holds a few records in the Buick Turbo world. Tim’s current daily driver is an honest 10 second, pump gas, drag radial, car with air conditioning and all power accessories. Look for it elsewhere on the Fox Lake website.

Tim’s daily driven 1990 Mustang Lx features a simple but effective combination. Tim’s car still retains it’s original 91,000 mile shortblock, with Fox Lake Stage 1 ported Twisted Wedge heads, Fox Lake Stage 1 port matched Trick Flow Track heat intake, Trick Flow Stage 2 camshaft, and an ATI D1 Procharger with only 9 psi boost and has ran 10.87 @ over 124 mph on drag radials and pump gas! This is a fully optioned car with air conditioning, cruise control, and power everything.

Cory Roth’s 1993 Mustang LX

Cory Roth is another Fox Lake employee. Cory’s new coupe built from the ground up for NMRA and Fun Ford events. This new car has already gone 8.91 @ 153.26 mPH during initial testing with 360 cubic inches and Edelbrock heads. Cory is the Fox Lake CNC operator and lives to race. As you can see below, in his “time off” from racing, he races his Falcon! This was his fathers car for many years and Cory and his dad have rebuilt the entire car over the years. Cory’s beautiful red 331 cubic inch Falcon runs 10.30’s with yet another naturally aspirated small block. I guess Cory has a “thing” for red cars with carbureted small blocks!

Cory Roth’s 1961 Falcon

Bill Ogg’s Beautiful 9 second Windsor Powered Fox

Weight is 3115 lbs, 398 cu in Winsdsor, Fox Lake Stage 3 Hi Port Trick Flow heads, Fox Lake ported Edelbrock Super Victor intake, Holley Dominator, ect.
Best ET to date – 9.930 and 136.05 mph w/ a 1.37 60 ft.

Ron Robart’s 1987 GT

Ron Robart, Fox Lake’s owner, built this 1987 Mustang GT simply to show that with a little thought and some good parts you could build a 306 cubic inch naturally aspirtated, fuel injected motor that would make over 400 flywheel horsepower. This car ran 11.70’s @ 119 mph and put over 380 horsepower to the rear tires without the aid of any power adders! Ron’s GT features flat top pistons, Canfield Fox Lake ported heads, and an Edelbrock Victor 5.0 intake. This car was featured in the September 2000 issue of 5.0 Mustangs magazine as you can see above.

Mike Smith’s 2001 Mustang

How about 7.71 @ 182 mph !!!

Dan Lombardi’s INCREDIBLE ’95 GT

Would you believe 9.38 at over 148 mph?

Dan’s yellow GT sports a 343 c.i. motor built with an A4 Motorsport block, Fox Lake Stage 2 Trick Flow High Ports, GEN7 DFI, Edelbrock Super Victor EFI intake, Lentech AOD transmission, 3.55 gears, and an 80 mm turbo. This car weighs in at 3550 lbs so it’s no lightweight.

Dan’s car recently dyno’d at 693 hp and 801 ft. lbs. of torque to the tires!!

Darrin Offutt’s Low 9 second Drag Radial car

Darrin’s Mustang is a 79 coupe updated with 87-93 bodywork. The motor is a Fox Lake built short block consisting of a Dart block 347, Fox Lake Track Heat Stage1 heads, custom grind Fox Lake cam, TFS R series intake from Fox Lake. Forced induction consists of a passenger side non-intercooled YS Trim Vortech with the 8 Rib renegade Pulley set up. This car has gone 9.32 at over 147 on Drag Radials.

This is still a street car with tags and insurance!

Bill Worley’s 1985 Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible

Don’t be fooled by the stock looks.
This car has a Fox Lake 347 stroker!

Lee Durham’s killer Mustang LX

Doesn’t everyone need a Fox Lake 408 stroker, with a Vortech T-trim, Fox Lake ported Victor Jr.s, and a Fox Lake custom roller cam in their street car? We like to think so.

Bernard L. Craft’s low 11 second Lincoln

Bernard L. Craft bought this beautiful 1988 Lincoln Mark VII LSC as a daily driver. It didn’t take long to start modifying the “Mustang 5.0 like” drivetrain. Bernard chose Fox Lake Power Products to provide top notch Trick Flow Twisted Wedge.

Chuck Bartholme

364 cubes built by Steve Lapointe,Powerglide trans built by Frank Lupo and converter, 9inch rear, Riechard racing upper box on Trickflow lower, F1R Procharger! makes 24psi boost, andrson ford Pms to manage tuning by Mike Dez!! Ladder bars and cage done by Rhodes Custom Auto! Fox Lake CNC Victor Race [281cc] heads!!! 29.5 10.5 m/t tires.