Ford Motorsport Z-304 331-347-393-408

We offer these heads cncported bare castings[no valves,springs,or retainers] for 2295.00 or assembled with your choice of parts for 2995.00-3495.00 depending on your setup.

This is the pro Exh. port designed for power adder setups.
The wide bolt pattern is 3.00 center to center, and stock[filled in] is 2.500.or factory spacing.
Here are the latest offering from fox lake for the ford motorsport Z series head.we start with bare castings and thru our inhouse port development program turn them into hi-horsepower cnc ported works of art.
Intake port volume is 245cc
Exhaust port volume is 102cc
Chamber size is 65cc
We can custom talor a complete top end kit[heads,cam,intake] for you individual needs. Power increases on a typical ford racing crate engine are 60-180 HP. N/A
Intake manifold will require port matching,or full porting.
Manifold port match   250.00 [labor only]
Complete porting on intake manifold 1200.00 [labor only]
Intake port after cnc process. port flows enough to support 750 HP N/A,or 1500 super charged.
Valve job is cut to 2.100 on int side and 1.600 on exh.
Spark plug is std, 3/4 reach gasketed style.
As you can see the combustion chamber is perfectly profiled for max flow and burn rate.