99-04 P.I. Factory Ford Modular 2 Valve Heads

Fox Lake has the most powerful Modular head porting packages anywhere, just ask Paul’s High Performance, Mike Dezotel of Dez Racing, Dynospeed Racing, Rick or Joe, or Amp Performance or just to name a few. ’99-04 P.I. naturally aspirated can expect a 30-50 rwhp gain with just CNC head porting alone; supercharged P.I. can increase 50-100 rwhp depending on the size of the blower, cam, and exhaust system! Insist on Fox Lake POWER Products for your Modular needs!

Fox Lake Stage 2 Ported 99-04 P.I. Modular Heads


Stock unported ’99- up P.I. castings flow a max of 163 cfm intake and 150 cfm exhaust on our bench @ .550″
Ford Motorsport 2V SVO heads flow 215 cfm intake and 147 cfm exhaust @ .550″

Fox Lake Stage 2 P.I. heads flow a whopping 223 cfm intake and 195 cfm exhaust @ .550″ with Manley or Ferrea valves!

Stage 2 Assembled heads:
Includes Ferrea oversized valves, Pac Racing springs good for .600″ lift, solid bronze guides, Viton seals and Pro-Assembled (does not include cams)
Price: $1,875.00 End-of-Summer Sale Price: $1,499.00 (customer supplies own cores)

Springs are good for .600″ lift and 7,000 rpm in most applications.
All flow numbers are average. Each head may vary slightly.


Comp Cams 2V Modular Camshafts

  • XE262AH- 226/230 @ .050″- .550″/.550″ lift- on a 113
  • XE270AH- 234/238 @ .050″- .550″/.550″ lift- on a 113
  • XE278AH- 242/246 @ .050″- .550″/.550″ lift- on a 113

All Comp Cams are priced at $699.00 pr.

Bullet Custom Cams Per Application

  • Please call to discuss your needs.

Starts at $799.00 pr.