Exhaust port after CNC processing
Combustion Chamber side after CNC process

Are you looking for more power from your GT-500 and you understand that air flow is what makes the horsepower?
If so, send your heads to Fox Lake Power Products for CNC porting and watch your hp numbers soar!

Typical horsepower gains are 50-75 HP in the 750-900 RWHP range and 125+ HP and can be gained when you are using larger superchargers, blowers, or turbos that are good for 1000+ HP.

If you’re ready to feel the rush of power from your GT-500, send us your heads and we will disassemble and inspect them (we check for damage or warping first). Assuming that everything is within specs, we start our process to make more power from your heads.


  • Run our custom designed CNC program
  • Install solid bronze guides
  • Diamond hone to size
  • Cut multi-angle radius valve job
  • Mill the heads surface flat
  • Clean and grind stock valves
  • Tip valves for proper lash adjustment
  • Clean heads and part
  • Assemble with new valve seals


Regular Price: $2,795.00*
Sale Price: $1,995.00*
*Additional Cost – Return Shipping of Heads Back To Customer


(options are at additional cost)

  • PAC Racing Springs
  • Ferrea Stainless Steel Hi Temp valves
  • Oversized valve seats
  • Dry deck water jacket holes (for race use only)

Flow Data

Valve Lift .100 .200 .300 .400 .450 .500 .550 .600
Intake CFM 99 189 254 305 321 334 344 350
Exhaust CFM 96 198 248 269 278 282 294 299