TFS Intake Manifolds

Fox Lake offers every version of the Trick Flow intake manifolds and can port to suite to your needs. Please call or e-mail for quotes on any Trick Flow intake combination you may need.

Trick Flow’s computer-engineered manifolds have carefully designed runner length and cross sectional taper for higher airflow. That allows the EFI Manifolds to produce both superior low-end torque and higher rpm horsepower, while also preventing air starvation of the front cylinders, a common problem with Ford EFI engines.

All Trick Flow EFI Manifolds are available bare, or with a powdercoated upper plenum for long lasting good looks. An EGR gasket and stud kit and a throttle body adapter for 1994-95 Mustangs are available separately.

Trick Flow Street Heat EFI Intake Idle-5500 rpm $479.00
Trick Flow Track Heat EFI Intake 1500-6500 rpm $529.95
Trick Flow R EFI Intake 302
(Stock lower already flows 350cfm!)
3500-7250 rpm $589.95
(R EFI for 351 add $110.00)

Optional labor for Trick Flow EFI Intake Manifolds

Stage-1 Port matching to your cylinder heads 20cfm Gain over Stock $150
Stage-2 Fully ported runners, no welding 45cfm Gain over Stock $400